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Flashing your Hi

May 08, 2023

Having someone flash their high beams at you in Colorado could mean many things. For instance, if you are driving down the road and someone flashes you, it could mean that there is a speed trap ahead and slow down.

If someone flashes you, it could also mean that you accidentally have your high beams on and you are blinding oncoming traffic. Other instances are that there is an accident ahead and proceed with caution. There could be many things that flashing your high beams mean, but one thing is for certain, a fellow driver is trying to warn you of something.

More often than not, when someone signals you by flashing their high beams at you while driving in the mountains of Colorado, they are trying to forewarn you that there is wildlife on or very close to the road in the direction you are heading.

I have seen this occur numerous times near Rocky Mountain National Park and in Estes Park. This seems to be the way that most drivers will signal that there is something up ahead you need to pay attention to.

Sure, you could give a couple of quick beeps of the horn, but that could spook the wildlife in the area and possibly make things a bit more dangerous. So the next time you are in the mountains of Colorado, be sure to recognize that if someone flashes their brights at you, chances are there is wildlife ahead and to proceed with caution.