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Amazon Reviewers Say This On

Oct 24, 2023

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There's nothing worse than feeling restless and like you're overheating when you should be getting your well-deserved beauty sleep. As the weather gets warmer this summer, hot sleepers have to be prepared to beat the heat when it's time to get some shut-eye.

Luckily, cooling blankets exist. We know you have a ton of options when it comes to cooling blankets, but this one from Amazon is the affordable pick to test out this summer. The Everlasting Comfort cooling blanket is a dual-sided, lightweight blanket that reduces body temperature thanks to its use of "icy cool fibers" that absorb moisture and heat. It's breathable, functional and available in four different colors. The blanket is also reversible, so you can use the cooling side during the warmer months, and the opposite side for cooler months.

The Everlasting Comfort cooling blanket also has over 1,500 glowing ratings, and reviewers totally swear by it.

One reviewer explains, "This is way better than I ever expected!! I bought this blanket because of the reviews and they were not lying! This is worth the purchase and is very cool. In fact it's even kind of cold which surprised me. It's also super soft. I love it. It's more like a thick sheet though and not a blanket."

Another shares, "Believe the reviews...this thing is amazing! Recently, I was having major issues with waking up in the middle of the night sweating and feeling very uncomfortable in my bed. I tried just sleeping under a sheet, but then I would get too cold, so I still need one more layer to stay comfortable. This blanket works perfectly. It's soft, light weight and stays cool to the touch, but still adds a layer, so I don't freeze under the ceiling fan. It's October now and I'm still using it. I'll probably switch back to my heavy fleece blanket once winter hits (in about December), but for Texas, this is the perfect Spring-Summer-Fall blanket."

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Get this dual-sided cooling blanket from Amazon for 40% off. It's the perfect solution for hot sleepers, and according to reviewers who swear by it, it's "silky soft" and "breathable."

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